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Bear & Exotic Animal Rescue Sanctuary

With over 5,000 large exotic animals, many of which are dangerous,  they quickly outgrow their appeal as a pet.  These animals did not ask to be put in these circumstances. This is where we come in, providing them dignity, safety and sanctuary.  Founded in 2017, BEARS Etc. is the nation’s first bear-centric sanctuary that are meeting these needs head on.

Why the Need for Sanctuary?

Since the advent of the internet, purchasing a cub has become a very easy transition. With the initial cost being relatively low, some think they can keep a bear, lion, or tiger on their property. They often do not recognize that these animals are not domesticated, and are dangerous.  In addition, the cost of care, including food, raises dramatically as the size of the animal increases, making care unaffordable and unsustainable.

Private owners, and road side attractions, often don’t have the facilities to properly house large, dangerous carnivores and often the conditions are deplorable with some of these animals living in cages not bigger than a standard parking space at the mall.  By the time animal rescue gets involved, the animal is in poor condition, possibly roaming though a residential neighborhood, or has caused physical harm to their owner or neighbor.

Our Dedication to Rescue

BEARS Etc. was started by Kati Krouse who has over 20 years dedicated to rescuing large exotic animals, and wildlife, from dangerous situations.   Trained at Purdue University, Kati has coupled her knowledge of working with these large animals in distress, with passion that has guided her towards providing permanent placement for rescued exotic animals, with an emphasis on bears.

Our Dedication to Community

BEARS Etc. is dedicated to making our community a better place as well. We understand that the support of our community is paramount to our success in the region.  We, also, understand that education is a cornerstone to stopping this problem. BEARS Etc. provides educational programs to scout groups, youth groups, schools, and other community organizations. We  focus on endangered species, exotic animal welfare, and to encourage responsible animal care.

BEARS Etc. has established partnerships with local grocery stores and food banks to provide food for the animals, and seeds to create a food forest.  Kati is a certified Master Gardener and is currently developing a food forest on the sanctuary’s property which BEARS Etc. is using to sustain the animals that reside at the sanctuary. Any excess foods will be donated to food banks and other community organizations. In addition to supporting the dietary needs of the animals, the food forest is a vital component of bee farming and a butterfly gardening.

In the end our goal is simple really. BEARS Etc. aspires to provide animals with the opportunity to live the rest of their lives in an environment as close to their natural habitat as possible giving them a PEACE of the Wild.