Our Mission

To provide a permanent, community-based, self-sustainable refuge for displaced exotic and wild animals and educate others about the natural world.



Providing education is how we start to make a change. Large carnivores are not pets and the public at-large needs to understand they are not safe to have in one’s home. BEARS Etc. has an extensive education program that teaches this basic principle. Our topics cover:

  • Why large carnivores are not pets.
  • What individuals can do to change the laws.
  • How you can help locally.
  • Why BEARS Etc. is the organization to call to help with placement.


Need Help With an Exotic Animal’s Rescue?

BEARS Etc. is South Texas’ leader in animal rescue and placement. Whether it’s a private owner who no longer can care for the exotic animal, a person or organization selling these animals through the exotic pet trade, or animal control needing assistance, our organization has a long history of facilitating solutions for these animals. We also aid in aviary and aquatic rescues, with on-premise facilities. Our network is large, as is our ability to help.

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