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Kati is an animal lover.  From taming her grandfather’s barn cats when she was little to helping to save captive exotics and wild animals as an adult, she’s been passionate about their well being her entire life. 
As a teen, she found herself working for a veterinarian and volunteering at Black Pine Animal Sanctuary, an exotic animal refuge, quickly learning of the high demand for rescuing captive exotic animals.  During Veterinary Technician school at Purdue University, Kati volunteered at Wildcat Creek Wildlife Center and interned at the Wildlife Center of Virginia.  These places helped teach her how to treat wildlife with dignity and how the needs and behaviors of wild animals are so different than that of domestic dogs and cats.
She spent many years grooming dogs, most of those as a manager and instructor. Kati prides herself on  the placing of her clients’ well being first, and educating the public.   Her employees and students are encouraged to use force-free grooming with as little stress as possible, making the experience a good one for the animals.  Kati’s life came full circle when she became Assistant Manager at Black Pine Animal Sanctuary, as her dreams of working at a sanctuary and rescuing animals in need were coming true.  She learned that the needs for animals in jeopardy were more than she could ever have imagined, especially for bears.
Kati assisted with animal rescue operations on a regular basis with Black Pine, and with Outreach for Animals, another charitable organization dedicated to teaching responsible behavior around wild animals and improving lives.  Throughout all of these experiences, she helped train many interns and volunteers, and planted seeds of awareness in them and members of the public to encourage respect for animals, and to help wild animals in need.
Fielding phone calls on a regular basis for bears, tigers, parrots, and  the occasional alligator in need has been all too common throughout Kati’s experiences.  
Always with limited staff, funding, and resources, having to say “I’m sorry, we just can’t take another animal at this time” became a frequent reply.  As such, Kati set new goals and plans for Bears, Etc. were put into motion.  She moved to the Houston area to pursue her hopes and dreams of opening a sanctuary, specifically for bears, and Bears Etc. is now on its way to becoming a reality.


Amy lives in Willis, TX with her Husband Shawn, and two children Katelyn and Adam. She has a BS in Music Education from Sam Houston State and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Human Resources, from Wayland University. She is currently highly involved with the worship ministry at West Conroe Baptist Church and a stay-at-home mom for her two children.

MaKayla enjoys traveling, kayaking, live music and sports.  A lover of animals, she has two dogs of her own and is a foster mom for a local shelter. If she's not exploring the rivers in her kayak, you can find her at a baseball stadium or watching a soccer game!  She brings five years of grant writing and management experience.  She has written grants for a variety of funding sources.  She looks forward most to helping develop the sustainability of Bears Etc. and their non-profit reputation.

Ambrose  is an ecologist, artist, and history lover. He has been an avid outdoorsman, traveling all over the United States, camping, hiking, and pursuing nature photography. He has been working with exotic and domestic animals most of his life.  

Michelle has served as Board Member for Big Brothers Big Sisters, helping them restructure their board of directors, hire a new director, organize their office, and draft a business plan. She is able to assist with business management and human resources and currently works in HR for a large corporation. She has a passion for animals and their care.

Our staff


​Founder and Executive Director


Kati L Krouse

 Mike has always loved animals and grew up working on his grandfather's farm. He spent summers learning about farm life and the responsibilities of caring for all types of animals.  Mike and his wife have four rescue dogs, and are in the process of bringing an apiary onto their homestead to assist in increasing the local bee population.  Mike has always had a love of bears and finds their solitary lifestyle and love of long naps truly inspirational.  Mike is honored to be working with Bears Etc. to facilitate a home for animals in need.