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​​​​Bear and Exotic Animal Rescue Sanctuary

Bears around the world face challenging times as habitat loss drives populations into smaller and smaller areas.  However, as people are destroying the bears natural home, they are also bringing bears into their homes as pets. In the United States thousands of bears are kept as pets in back yards, barns, basements, and dog kennels.  The regulations for keeping a bear, and many other exotic pets, only require that the animals can fully stand up, lay down, and turn around; as a result many bears spend twenty years or more living in cages the size of a bedroom or smaller. Below you can see Mamie, she was held in this small cage, de-clawed and de-fanged for over 20 years.  Because bears are very strong, smart, and great at climbing and digging, they are often kept in areas with concrete floors and solid roofs, this can lead to arthritis at a very early age. It is not uncommon for rescued bears to have never seen the stars or felt grass under their feet.